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    Schneider Electric erkent de ondernemingsgeest en zin voor initiatief van zijn werknemers

    Rueil-Malmaison (France), September 9, 2009 - Schneider Electric honored the winners of its second "Vivez l'aventure!" competition on Tuesday, September 8 at its headquarters in Rueil-Malmaison, France.

    The competition rewarded projects launched by former employees to create businesses or buy going concerns in 2008 with support from Schneider Initiatives Emploi (SIE), an association that nurtures spin-offs. On this special "Vivez l'aventure!" day, Henri Lachmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Schneider Electric, and Frédéric Abbal, President of Schneider Electric France, awarded Special Jury Prize and a €4,000 check to Esra Tat and Camille Delbos, for creating the company Ressourcéo.

    Ressourcéo (, a young design office and contractor specializing in renovation of housing, offers a range of benefits designed to improve energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings. By distinguishing the ecological approach of Ressourcéo, the Jury wanted to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit and success of an initiative driven by two former alternating Schneider Electric, Esra Tat and Camille Delbos.

    The competition, organized by the Schneider Electric Sustainable Development Department and Schneider Initiatives Emploi, is designed to:

    • Give selected projects a greater chance of long-term success.
    • Encourage employees' entrepreneurial spirit.
    • Federate entrepreneurs and facilitate networking.

    "Through the "Vivez l'aventure!" competition for projects supported by Schneider Initiatives Emploi, Schneider Electric encourages the creation of new businesses and the buy out of going concerns, with a particular focus on those involved in electricity," explains Gilles Vermot-Desroches, Sustainable Development Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric.

    Schneider Initiatives Emploi was founded in 1994 to provide positive support for transformations at Schneider Electric and to back and stimulate local economic development. In particular, it is involved in projects to create new businesses, buy out going concerns, integrate family-owned businesses or associations and develop certified personal support services. More than 800 projects have received assistance from SIE, with a success rate of over 90% after three years in business.

    The expertise and competencies developed by SIE fit in perfectly with Schneider Electric's BipBop energy access program¹. They support the development and creation of businesses in the field of electricity, helping to create jobs for the out of work, notably in partnership with France's Association pour le Droit à l'Initiative Economique (ADIE), electrical contractors associations, EDF...

    This commitment to investment and active support illustrates Schneider Electric's desire to create a virtuous circle combining business, innovation and social responsibility.

    Winners of the second "Vivez l'aventure!" competition

    • Special Jury Prize: Esra Tat and Camille Delbos, for the creation of Ressourcéo (Grenoble-based), win a €4,000 check,
    • Prize for the creation of a new business: Franck Loigerot, for the creation of Anjou Plaquelec (Brézé-based), wins a €4,000 check,
    • Prize for the buy-out of going-concerns (ex-aequo): François Murail, for the buy-out of Image et Son (Angoulême-based), wins a €4,000 check,
    • Prize for the buy-out of going-concerns (ex-aequo): Stéphane Brunet, for the buy-out of Perfoméo (Villeurbanne-based), wins a €4,000 check

    ¹ Businness, Investment end People at the Bottom of the Pyramid, responsible programme of Schneider Electric to bring a green and safe electricity to the people at the bottom of the Pyramid. 

    About Schneider Electric
    As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centres/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, and efficient, the company's 114,000 employees achieved sales of more than 18.3 billion euros in 2008, through an active commitment to help individuals and organisations “Make the most of their energy™”.

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