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    De prijs voor "Spin-off talenten" gaat naar een gewezen medewerker van Schneider Electric

    Rueil-Malmaison (France), November 25, 2009 – On November 12, former Schneider Electric employee Franck Loigerot received the Talents de l’Essaimage award for his company Anjou Plaquelec, which he created with the support of Schneider Initiatives Emploi (SIE), an association that nurtures spin-offs.

    The Talents de l’Essaimage award recognizes entrepreneurs who have created start-up companies with the support of a spin-off program set up by their former employer. This year’s award was presented by Anne Chaillot, President of DIESE – an association that encourages company employees to launch their own businesses – at a special event organized by Hervé Novelli, Secretary of State for Commerce and Small Business. Economic viability and performance are the two criteria used to identify the key factors that drive the company’s success and future development.

    After 17 years with Schneider Electric subsidiary MG Loire, Franck Loigerot decided to take on a new challenge in 2006 and set up his own company. With the benefit of individual support from SIE to secure the feasibility of his project and training in drywall installation from France’s Adult Vocational Training Association (AFPA), he created his company in November 2008. Combining two trades – electrical and drywall installation – Anjou Plaquelec was a success almost from the start and immediately had three months’ backlog.
    “The financial, technical and personal support provided by Schneider Initiatives Emploi made a major contribution to Anjou Plaquelec’s successful launch,” said Franck Loigerot, Managing Director of Anjou Plaquelec. “Thanks to SIE and its network of entrepreneurs, I have access to a steady stream of new opportunities for professional growth and development.”

    Schneider Initiatives Emploi was founded to provide positive support for transformations at Schneider Electric and to back and stimulate local economic development. In particular, it is involved in projects to create new businesses, buy out going concerns, integrate family-owned businesses or associations and develop certified personal support services. Companies operating in the electricity sector receive special support.

    “Schneider Initiatives Emploi has supported more than 800 start-up and buy-out projects, with a success rate of more than 90% after three years of operation,” said Gilles Vermot Desroches, Sustainable Development Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric, and President of Schneider Initiatives Emploi. “This success is due to SIE’s long-term support for the projects. Anjou Plaquelec, for example, will continue to receive support until November 2011.”

    As further proof of SIE’s positive momentum, two other former Schneider Electric employees were among the ten finalists for the 2009 Talents de l’Essaimage awards: Philippe Digard for his company Variatech and Sylvain Bacheman for Syl'services.

    This commitment to investment and active support illustrates Schneider Electric's desire to create a virtuous circle combining business, innovation and social responsibility.

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