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    Schneider Electric neemt deel aan het creëren van een innovatieve, efficiënte en groene stad op de Shanghai World Expo 2010

    Rueil-Malmaison (France), May 25, 2010 - Centred on the theme "Better City, Better Life", the Shanghai World Expo, taking place from May, 1 to October 31, 2010, spotlights the involvement of the international community for a better life in future urban environment and promotes green technology. As the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric takes part, on daily basis, in creating an innovative, efficient and green ubanization. The Group has actively undertaken several initiatives with many of the contributors at the World Expo to showcase its exclusive solutions and technological expertise.

    Schneider Electric is deploying its full range of skills and competencies for four pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Contributing to managing people flows, the Group is also the supplier of the Expo's video surveillance equipments through its subsidiary Pelco by Schneider Electric. Over 70 million visitors are expected at the event!

    > The EcoHome of the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

    Produced by the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences, The EcoHome at the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion is the prototype building of the future, combining the latest sustainable living technologies over an area covering nearly 5,000 m².

    Within the EcoHome, Schneider Electric has developed the Building Management System (BMS), which handles functions related to user comfort including hourly, daily, weekly and seasonal controls, schedule-based lighting, heating and air conditioning, shutter and sunblind control and pre-programmed scenarios. The BMS's architecture is based on open systems to control all uses, including indoor and outdoor lighting, chilled beams, Venetian blinds, access control and intruder alert, video surveillance, and the integration of communication with third party electricity generation and heating/cooling systems.

    Located in the part of the World Expo devoted to the best urban practices, the EcoHome is for China the model of a new generation of more environmentally-friendly, high performance houses, adapted to the realities of the Chinese market and consumer needs.

    > Rhône-Alpes Pavilion

    The Rhône-Alpes Pavilion showcases the expertise and innovation of companies from this region of France in the field of green construction and urban lighting for the benefit of project owners from China and around the world. The pavilion highlights the economic and technological potential of the Rhône-Alpes region, as well as its cultural and tourism opportunities.

    It was the project's key focus on energy efficiency that attracted Schneider Electric. In addition to providing financial support, Schneider Electric invested by creating an energy intelligent energy solution for the building, sypplying all the equipments for electrical distribution, building control, physical security, lighting and shutter and sunblind control. These systems were integrated using a software that controls and monitors energy consumption in real time, thus enabling Schneider Electric to provide its partner an original and distinctive solution. The results are available to the visitors in the Rhône-Alpes Pavilion and can be observed in real time on the Pavilion's official web site through an energy consumption tracking scoreboard.

    Sustainably designed and located in the area of the exhibition dedicated to best urban practices, the Rhône-Alpes Pavilion was built in compliance with French QEB (Qualité Environnementale du Bâti - Environmental Quality of the Building) certification standards.

    > Belgium-European Union Pavilion

    Schneider Electric can also be seen in the Belgium-European Union Pavilion through its partnership with the International Polar Foundation. In addition to being a corporate sponsor of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Polar Station, the first "Zero emission" scientific research base, Schneider Electric is one of the station's technical partners.

    The Group provided electrical distribution equipment and tracking software for remote supervision of energy consumption via satellite. Two engineers from Schneider Electric were actively working on field to help implement these solutions.

    The ability to develop solutions that are adapted to the station and to the specificities of the polar environment not only represents technical innovation but also a worthy human venture. Schneider Electric actively involved in today's environmental issues, and the Polar Regions are key poles for gaining insight into climate chage and the planet's future. Sending some of its young engineers to Antarctica is an excellent way to raise awareness among Schneider Electric employees about sustainable development challenges and indicative of the Group's strong commitment in this area.

    > Paris Ile-de-France Pavilion

    Schneider Electric is a partner in the Paris Ile-de-France Pavilion, which exhibits a variety of innovations for sustainable development illustrating the capacity of the region to put together economic dynamism with quality of life, Schneider Electric will participate to the conference: "Energy: energy savings, clean and renewable generation in the sustainable city of the future", held on July 14, 2010 to share its vision about energy management.

    > Sharing the vision of planning for a 'carbon-free' environment

    Schneider Electric will be involved in a number of events throughout the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, such as Innovation Week in the Rhône-Alpes Pavilion through HOMES¹ - the collaborative innovation programme, Sustainable Development Week in the Rhône-Alpes Pavilion; and a conference at the Paris Ile-de-France Pavilion on the pavilion's featured day. Schneider Electric will also host an event, at the beginning of September in the Rhône-Alpes Pavilion, during which the Group will share with its partners & customers its vision about new energy practices - renewebles, electric vehicle, real-time network management, etc. - which will potentially lead to the planning of 'carbon-free' environments driven primarily by energy efficiency.

    As part of the Shanghai 2010 Award organised by HEC Paris and the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, Schneider Electric will be awarding a prize for the most innovative and pertinent project related to its business lines. The theme of the Shanghai 2010 Award is "Entrepreneurship and the Sustainable City" and the competition is open to students and young entrepreneurs worldwide.

    > Schneider Electric in China

    Schneider Electric has been operating in China for more than 20 years. China is Schneider Electric's second market in terms of revenue and represents today more than 10% of the Group's workforce. Schneider Electric has two global R&D centres in China and almost one hundred industrial, commercial and distribution sites.

    ¹ HOMES, standing for Homes and buildings for Optimized Management of Energy and Services, is a collaborative innovation programme designed to create solutions for achieving optimal energy performance in all buildings.

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