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    De Schneider Electric Foundation ontvangt de Admical Corporate Philanthropy Award 2011

    Marseille (France), May 9, 2011 - On Monday, May 9, the Schneider Electric Foundation received the ADMICAL 2011 Corporate Philanthropy Award during the 20th International Forum of Philanthropy taking place in Marseille from May 9-10, 2011.

    The ADMICAL award
    French Corporate Philanthropy Association ADMICAL has organized the Corporate Philanthropy Awards for more than 30 years to recognize companies incorporated or operating in France for their innovative, exemplary action in community outreach, education, healthcare, culture, sports, environmental protection, research, international solidarity and other areas of public interest. The independent jury is made up of well-known individuals involved in business, public service, the media and communication.

     "We are very proud to receive this award," said Gilles Vermot Desroches, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Development at Schneider Electric and Managing Director of the Schneider Electric Foundation. "It recognizes the programs we develop and provides an opportunity to emphasize our special vision of corporate philanthropy and its powerful role within our corporate community. We see this importance not only through the deep commitment of Schneider Electric’s sustainable development delegates and employees, but also through our BipBop energy access program, which is directly and uniquely inspired by the idea of giving back."

    The Schneider Electric Foundation also won the ADMICAL Corporate Philanthropy Award in 2003.

    About the Schneider Electric Foundation
    From transmitting knowledge to sharing energy, the Schneider Electric Foundation plays an active role in Schneider Electric’s commitment to sustainable development. Created in 1998 under the aegis of Fondation de France, the Schneider Electric Foundation participates in projects that emphasize sustainable and practical training and job opportunities for young people, primarily in energy related careers, education for sustainable development through innovative projects and support for emergency operations following natural disasters, always with a focus on fostering the personal, long-term involvement of its employees worldwide. 

    About ADMICAL, Carrefour du mécénat d’entreprise
    Admical was founded in 1979 to promote corporate philanthropy in various fields such as: social works, culture, environment, sport and research. Admical was officially recognized by the French authorities as a public utility organization on March 23, 1992. As a not-for-profit organization, Admical's essential mission is to serve the public interest. Admical is a club gathering 180 French and international companies.

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