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    Flins, July 11, 2011 To date, more than 60 people have tested all-electric mobility as part of the SAVE (Seine Aval Véhicules Électriques) project, the biggest trial programme in France.

    • On Monday 11 July at the Renault plant in Flins, the SAVE Forum brought together the trial-drive customers with the eight public  and private  partners taking part in the project, alongside Carlos Tavares, Chief Operating Officer at Renault, and Alain Schmitz, Chairman of the Yvelines Departmental Council and Chairman of the EPAMSA (Etablissement Public d’Aménagement du Mantois Seine Aval), a local planning body. 
    • The objective of the meeting was to draw the first lessons from the deployment of the charging infrastructure and the running of the Renault Kangoo Z.E., Fluence Z.E. and Nissan Leaf vehicles. 

    SAVE is France’s biggest trial programme of all-electric mobility, ultimately involving around one hundred electric vehicles and around 150 charging spots. Today, the project is well underway: 8 Renault Fluence Z.E., 20 Renault Kangoo Z.E. and 11 Nissan Leaf vehicles are now on the road in the Seine Aval region. A total of 101 charging points, of which 36 are accessible to the public on the roadside and in a number of Carrefour and Vinci Park car parks, are currently in service for charging up the vehicles.

    On Monday 11 July at the Renault plant in Flins, the partners supporting the project – the Renault-Nissan Alliance and EDF, backed up the Paris regional authority, the Yvelines Departmental Council and the EPAMSA, in cooperation with Schneider Electric and Total –  opened the doors of the SAVE forum. The objective is to present the first feedback from the deployment of charging infrastructure and the use of electric vehicles by trial-drive customers.

    Promising initial feedback

    The results of this afternoon’s discussion with the players taking part in SAVE will be added to the first conclusions of a survey carried out by the ACME institute in June 2011 and involving 36 electric vehicle users taking part in the SAVE project. Results show that customers’ received ideas on electric mobility are swept aside as soon as they get behind the wheel. Electric vehicles prove to be a pleasant surprise. A few eloquent examples:

    • Electric cars are real cars: “I thought they were just for pottering around, but not at all,” said one user, who works for Carrefour Property
    • Charging is easy: “It’s not complicated at all.” “The station is tactile so it’s easy to use.” Said an other user
    • Silent and also relaxing: “Electric cars are relaxing to drive. They contribute to the emergence of a new generation of calmer, more respectful motorists.” “You’re less inclined to stamp hard on the accelerator. You discover a new way of driving, not like it’s a race.” ”When cars with combustion engines have to wait at the lights, the drivers rev the engines. When you’re driving an electric car, that just seems ridiculous. It’s funny really,” says a user, who works for Carrefour Property.

    Feedback from the ground shows that the cars are being used intensively, so they clearly meet customer transport needs. For example, the company Colizen was completing a daily average of 90 km with its Kangoo Z.E., while the Fluence Z.E. used by the passenger transport firm 2ATP MR was completing an average 107 km daily."

    SAVE continues

    SAVE is scheduled to continue until September 2012. The next stages will be: installing quick-charging points designed for a 30-minute charge at two Total service stations, delivering vehicles to private customers, and continuing the deployment of the charging infrastructure. In the long term, the full results of this life-size trial will complement the recommendations of the Green Paper on the deployment of charging stations in cities.

    ¹EPAMSA, Conseil Général des Yvelines, Région Ile de France
    ²Alliance Renault-Nissan, EDF, Schneider Electric, Total


    APPENDIX 1: Feedback


    The Fluence Z.E. was a pleasant surprise, sweeping away received ideas on electric cars “for pottering around” and showing itself to be a real car, , “lively” with “good acceleration.” And charging is easy. “The station is tactile, so it’s easy to use.”
    Fluence Z.E. is a new experience in driving pleasure. It runs silently, giving users the impression of  “being in a plane”, a “hushed atmosphere”. At the same time, it aims to deliver a stress-free drive: “You feel far more relaxed. You drive more smoothly, just letting yourself go with the flow and, as a result you make savings.”


    The SAVE experience has given the electric car a face. “You hear so much about them. Actually driving it and seeing it that it works” gives electric cars credit.

    Driving an electric car before anybody else is a source of pride: “I think I could put it in my CV: ‘I’ve  driven an electric car’”.
    “You feel cleaner, quieter, more respectful.”

    Once again, the performance of electric cars makes them a desirable solution. “They’re spirited cars! At red lights, if you really want to accelerate, even if there’s a BMW, you’ll be quicker.”


    “With the SAVE project, we’re carrying out a practical application. Electric cars are already here and they work,!

    I have to say that it’s the perfect compromise for me. A spacious hatchback to carry my two young children and all the equipment I need. It would be a real step back to abandon this restful, quiet experience.
    At the same time, the car intrigues people, who often ask me what I think of it. You can rely on me to be a great ambassador for the car!”

    APPENDIX 2: Forum programme

    Introductory speech by Alain Schmitz, Chairman of the Yvelines Departmental Council and Chairman of the EPAMSA (Établissement Public d’Aménagement du Mantois Seine Aval), a local planning body.

    2:00 pm
    - Round table 1: Progress report on the SAVE project
    Thierry Koskas, Director of the Electric Vehicles Programme, Renault.
    - Igor Czerny
    , Director of Transport and Electric Vehicles,  EDF.
    - Vincent Brunel
    , Director of Electric Vehicles Business Development, Schneider Electric France.
    Didier Geoffroy, Director of Network Development, Total.
    - David Morgant, Director of EPAMSA.
    Louis Negre, Senator, Alpes Maritimes region.

    3:00 pm  
    - Round table 2: Customer feedback
    Coordinated by Carlos Tavares, Chief Operating Officer, Renault.
    The following will take part in their capacity as players in the deployment of charging stations accessible to the public:
    François Garay, Mayor of Mureaux.
    Michel Vialay, Mayor of Mantes-la-Jolie.
    François-Xavier Le-roux, Asset Management Director, Paris Region, Carrefour Property.
    Philippe Deval, Technical and Purchasing Director, Vinci Park.

    The following will take part in their capacity as trial-drive customers:
    Lionel Lallement, pastry chef, winner of an award as France’s best worker
    Fabien Esnoult, Managing Director, Colizen
    Jean Zermati, Director of Vehicle Management, France Telecom


    The SAVE project was born of an ambition shared by the Renault-Nissan Alliance, EDF, the Yvelines Departmental Council, the EPAMSA and the Paris Region to conduct a trial of significant scope in electric mobility within the Seine Aval area. The partners were joined by Schneider Electric and Total.

    • The Renault-Nissan Alliance is overseeing the trial, providing the electric vehicles and associated services (connected services relating to range management assistance and after-sales), and studying customer use and  satisfaction.
    • The EDF Group is supplying the infrastructure offering: charging stations and services. It is supervising the charging network (location and reservation of charging points by customers, remote management of charging stations) and carrying out a technical and sociological analysis of the use of charging points.
    • Schneider Electric is supplying the charging infrastructure (on private premises and in the allocated public car parks), as well as managing the systems for technical supervision,  data collection and power management of the stations. It is also contributing to feedback.
    • Total will be installing and testing quick-charge stations in service stations,
    • EPAMSA, a local planning body, is liaising with the local municipalities for the deployment of the SAVE project. It is also involved in the technical, legal and financial engineering of the project and is coordinating the smooth running of the trial as a whole through the steering committee.
    • The Yvelines Departmental Council is financing the roadside charging infrastructure.
    • The Paris regional authority is supporting the SAVE project

    The SAVE project has received the support of the research demonstration fund, as part of a call for tender managed by ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management ) on vehicles with low greenhouse-gas emissions .

    APPENDIX 4: Deployment of charging stations accessible to the public

    Deployment in July:




    Mantes la Jolie

    Vinci car park at town hall


    Mantes la Jolie

    Brieussel Square car park at town hall


    Mantes la Jolie

    Total service station


    Les Mureaux

    15 rue Carnot (near town hall)


    Les Mureaux

    Car park, 55/57 av.Paul Raoult, opposite media library



    Rue du 11 Novembre (near town hall)



    Carrefour car park



    Carrefour car park



    Carrefour car park



    Total service station





    *Quick-charging stations in service from August 2011
    • Full recharge in 1 hour = 30 minutes extra driving distance per 10 minutes recharge
    • Same type of station as a normal charging station but delivering more power (3 to 22 kW).
    • Alternative solution to the quick-charge station, simpler to install and less expensive.

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