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    Energie Pool helpt Bretagne om het elektriciteitsverbruik te beheren met een modulatievermogenbereik van bijna 20 MW

    • Using technology which can make energy available within half an hour in quantities equivalent to the peak consumption levels of a 20,000 inhabitants town 
    • A highly innovative industrial solution, simple and quick to deploy to combat France's increasing energy challenges 

    Le Bourget-du-Lac (France), February 1st, 2012 – This winter saw the launch of Energy Pool’s dedicated demand response offer for Brittany (a region west of France) aimed at improving electricity consumption management across the region. This offer is activated by Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE, the French energy network manager) on the "adjustment mechanism" (a device designed to maintain the balance between energy production and consumption).

    Demand response consists of curbing consumption by numerous industrial users¹ during peak times and using the excess when demands on the grid are lower. By creating a pool of voluntary industrial consumers, i.e. by totaling their consumption together as a whole, and by intervening directly in their production or operational processes, Energy Pool deals directly for them with the electricity grid manager, remunerating its customers for providing a service of balancing out the load on the grid.

    The offer developed by Energy Pool in Brittany allows the largest energy consumers in the agribusiness sector to free up close to 20 MW reserve capacity, which equates to the consumption of a town like Concarneau (approximately 20,000 inhabitants) at peak times. This reserve capacity - which can be mobilized within half an hour - is made possible by the control system built and managed by Energy Pool in collaboration with the French electricity industry's distribution companies - RTE and ERDF - and its strategic, technological and financial partnership with Schneider Electric.

    "At Energy Pool we are delighted to have deployed our innovative electricity demand response solutions in Brittany this winter to improve energy consumption management and to continue to contribute to maintaining the balance of supply going forward" said Olivier Baud, CEO and Founder, Energy Pool. “We are extremely keen to demonstrate just how effective our technologies are in tackling France's current energy challenges. By offering a new business model for electricity provision for industrial consumers, we are convinced that a growing number of these users will choose to adjust their consumption behavior and improve their competitiveness as a direct result." 

    The Brittany region of France, while only producing 9.5% of the electricity it consumes, is a veritable power peninsula. In addition to the actions aimed at encouraging the development of renewable energies and securing electricity supplies, demand management is one of the key objectives of Brittany's electricity pact². Energy Pool's dedicated demand response offer for this region is intended to complete the range of solutions already implemented by RTE and its partners.

    Energy Pool's energy consumption demand response capacity could reach as high as 100 MW for the Brittany region next winter.

    Olivier Baud, CEO and Founder, Energy Pool, and Pierre Tabary, Vice President Energy Management Services, Schneider Electric, are available to the media for interviews.

    ¹Not just heavy industry but also agribusinesses, medium-sized businesses, shopping malls, hospitals and even data centers.

    ² (website in French only)

    About Energy Pool
    Energy Pool is Europe's leading demand response operator. The Group offers technological aggregation solutions to industrial users to enhance their capability to manage their energy consumption at peak times and avoid overloading the grid. Regional energy supplies can thus be secured in the longer term. From its operational center in the Savoie Technolac (science and technology park) in the south east of France, Energy Pool manages a 1000 MW demand response capacity in France and is currently scaling up in other countries. Energy Pool has signed a strategic, technological and financial partnership agreement with Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management.

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