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    Planeet & Maatschappij Barometer op 3.94/10 in Q2 2012, quasi stabiel resultaat met lichte stijging van +0.07 punt ten opzichte van Q1

    • Good overall barometer performance 
    • Great achievements in the BipBop programme drive the “Access to energy” indicator¹ 
    • 3.7% carbon emission reduction on transportation 
    • Four indicators still being rolled-out 

    Rueil-Malmaison (France), July 26 2012 – Schneider Electric announced today its sustainability results for the second quarter 2012. Thanks to the Planet & Society Barometer, Schneider Electric drives and measures its sustainable development commitment in the next three years through 14 quarterly reported indicators. For the second quarter 2012, the Planet & Society Barometer reached an overall score of 3.94/10, in line with the three-year objective (8/10 by end 2014).

    The extra-financial results by indicator were as follow:

    Planet & Society Barometer

    2012 Start

    Q1 2012 Results

    Q2 2012 Results

    2014 Objectives

    Planet indicators






    10% CO2 savings on transportation





    Products & Solutions

    75% of our product revenue achieved with Green Premium





    Energy *

    10% energy consumption savings





    Profit indicators





    Green Growth

    7 points growth revenue with EcoXperts above total growth revenue


    8.7 pts


    7 pts

    Access to Energy

    1 million households at the Base of the Pyramid have access to energy






    100% of our preferred suppliers embrace ISO 26 000 guidelines






    3 major ethical stock market indexes select Schneider Electric





    Best Practices*

    200 sites recognized “Great place to work – cool sites”





    People indicators






    30% reduction in the Medical Incident Rate (MIR)






    70% result in our Employee Engagement Index






    30% women in our talent pool (~ 2,500 people)






    1 day of training for each employee every year





    Access to Energy

    30,000 people at the BoP trained in energy management






    300 missions within “Schneider Electric Teachers” NGO





    Overall composite score (out of 10)


    * Indicators tracked from January 2013

    ** Indicator reporting from Q4 2012





    Philippe Delorme, Executive Vice-President, Strategy & Innovation, Schneider Electric, commented: “Our quarterly extra-financial remains solid compared to the previous quarter. We are satisfied by the promising result of our Carbon indicator, published for the first time this quarter, with a 3.7% decrease in CO2 emissions in transportation. Furthermore, our actions to improve employees’ safety had a very positive impact in the Medical Incident Rate, reducing by 24%.

    This quarter is marked by two important milestones related to our access to energy programme BipBop² : the creation of Grameen Schneider Electric, our social business for energy services in Bangladesh, co-founded with Grameen Shakti, as well as the launch of the Water of the Sun solution a solar energy-based water pumping station, in Senegal. These achievements should create a momentum for our Access to energy indicator in the coming months.

    However, this new 2012-2014 Barometer is still under construction: five new indicators are not yet reported and some others can be volatile from one quarter to another. Therefore, we remain vigilant regarding the evolution for the next quarters.”

    Results by indicators category³

    • Planet measuring Schneider Electric environmental performance

    The progress of the Planet indicators this quarter is driven by the new Carbon indicator: in the second quarter of 2012, transportation related CO2 emissions decreased by 3.7%. Transferring some of long distance freight from air to sea mode of transportation had strong impact with 13% reduction of related carbon emissions. The “Product and solutions” indicator marks a slight decrease at 61.2% of revenue made with Green Premium™ products (-2.4 pts compared to 2012 first quarter), due to the update required in the list of declared substances under the REACH directive.

    • Profit measuring Schneider Electric ability to ensure sustainable and responsible economic growth while offering products and services that have minimal impact on the environment

    This set of indicators shows an increasing overall performance, driven by the Access to energy indicator. It progresses further this quarter with 141,834 households connected, particularly thanks to In-Diya LED lighting systems sales in Bangladesh and Africa. The Governance indicator is unchanged, Schneider Electric remaining in three major ethical stock market indexes.

    • People measuring Schneider Electric main commitments to its employees’ well-being and to local communities in countries where the Group operates

    This quarter, the People indicators’ performance is mostly driven by Safety. The Medical Incident Rate decreases by 24% thanks to an increased number of sites certified OHSAS 18001*, new safety directives and continuous Electrical Risk Prevention training roll-outs.
    The Engagement indicator is stable with 54% employees engagement index score. The three indicators Diversity, Access to Energy and Communities progress further, reaching 23.9% (+1.9pt) women in the talent pool, 2,817 people at the BoP trained in energy management and 42 missions achieved with SE Teachers NGO respectively.


    On June 19, 2012, Schneider Electric and Grameen Shakti signed the official creation of the Grameen Schneider Electric, social business dedicated to energy services in Bangladesh. The aim is to provide access to electricity and related services in Bangladesh where 100 million people still do not have access to electricity. All the benefits will be reinvested in the company to expand its solutions throughout the country. The signature of the joint-venture, by Professor Muhammad Yunus and Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President & CEO of Schneider Electric,, took place at the RIO+20, United Nations conference on sustainable development, Schneider Electric participated in debates focusing on smart cities, smart grid, energy efficiency, smart mobility and access to energy.

    From June 20 to 23, Schneider Electric hosted the 50 finalists of the innovative contest Go Green in the City. The second edition of this international contest launched by Schneider Electric welcomed teams of students from around the world to propose solutions for efficient energy management in cities.

    July 5 2012, The Supplier Day gathered 300+ « Preferred Suppliers » of Schneider Electric. This day of conference and debates was mainly focused on growth opportunities, best-practices and innovation. The Group also presented its new sustainable purchasing approach based on ISO 26000 standard and held an award ceremony, where STMicroelectronics received the Planet & Society award .


    Schneider Electric is partner of the Convergences 2015 event that will take place in Paris from September 19th to 21st 2012. To know more: 

    Methodology notice
    The figures presented last quarter as quarterly objectives are only points of references. They display the linear progress of each indicator between their starting point (3/10) and the final objective in 2014 (8/10, enabling to visualise the contribution of each indicator to the global Barometer score. To avoid any confusion in their interpretation, of now the only objective we refer to in our publications is the final 2014 objective of the Planet & Society Barometer.

    The Green Growth Indicator cannot be published this quarter due to the later publication of the half-year financial results. It will be reported again next quarter. This conflict in dates will not happen in the future.

    ¹1 million households connected to energy
    ²Business, Innovation and People at the Base of the Pyramid.
    ³Five new indicators are not reported this quarter:
    - Four indicators as the relevant reporting tools are being rolled out (energy savings, suppliers ISO 26 000, Great Place to Work sites, employees training)
    - One indicator (Growth) as the extra-financial results are unusually published ahead of semi-annual financial results – This publishing conflict will not happen again.
    *Standard established by the British Standards Institute offering an assessment and certification tool for work health and safety management system of a company. This tool is compatible with management systems international standards.


    The 2012 second quarter extra-financial results presentation is available on our website:

    The Planet & Society Barometer extra-financial results for 2012 third quarter will be published on October 30th, 2012.

    About Schneider Electric
    As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in Utilities & Infrastructures, Industries & Machine manufacturers, Non-residential buildings, Data centers & Networks, and in Residential. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, the Group’s 130,000 plus employees achieved sales of 22.4 billion euros in 2011, through an active commitment to help individuals and organizations make the most of their energy.

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