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Bienvenue sur notre site Web.

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Automatisation et contrôle pour l'industrie

Variateurs de vitesse et démarreurs progressifs

Discover a wide range of variable speed drives and soft starters offering a powerful and reliable combination for your motor control solutions up to 20 MW. Starting from compact products to custom-engineered solutions; they are developed to the highest quality level to meet your needs in various applications: industrial processes, machines or buildings.

Variateurs de processus CA basse tension

Is your drive IoT-ready? Altivar Process is. The Altivar Process range of products and systems is the next generation of variable speed drives, designed to deliver IIoT benefits. A smart, connected device with built-in intelligence to gather data and share information to the enterprise level, Altivar Process drives can improve operational efficiency, profitability and reduce total cost of ownership.

Variateurs de machines CA basse tension

Stay on top of the Smart Machine era. Altivar Machine variable-speed drives are designed to meet the needs of smart machines, and give OEMs the go-to choice for drives in simple and complex applications.

Variateurs de bâtiments CA basse tension

Discover Altivar low voltage building AC drives specifically designed for the most common lifting and HVAC applications in buildings.

Variateurs standards

Démarreurs progressifs

Soft starters units support the controlled starting and stopping of asynchronous motors from 0.37kW to 900kW.

Variateur de processus CA moyenne tension

Medium voltage variable speed drives from 2.4 to 13.8 kV and 0.3 to 20 MW.